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Clean energy for EU islands
14 November 2023

Exploring Hydrogen's Potential in Island Communities: Webinar Highlights

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In the 9 November webinar, hosted by Green Hysland and the EU Islands Secretariat, experts delved into the promising role of hydrogen in island communities. Here are the key takeaways:

1. Curtailing RES ("Overproduction") Hydrogen emerges as a solution to enable high Renewable Energy Sources (RES) penetration and reduce their curtailment. Challenges include cost reduction and finding adequate users.

2. Hydrogen Valleys Concept The concept of "hydrogen valleys" is introduced, emphasising districts with multiple off-takers. Islands can benefit from this model, providing easier permitting and business models.

3. Island-Specific Opportunities Islands, such as those involved in projects like Green Hysland and REMOTE, host numerous hydrogen research and innovation initiatives.

4. Green Hydrogen's Convenience Green hydrogen on islands can be economically advantageous if substantial carbon pricing is adopted. Pros for its implementation on islands include the support in managing high-RES production, opportunities in specific areas like ports, and easier implementation for island mobility.

5. Challenges Challenges include a limited number of off-takers, lack of energy infrastructures, and the absence of industrial consumers.


Renewable hydrogen stands as a crucial energy vector, offering decarbonisation solutions and storage opportunities. For islands, especially remote ones, hydrogen provides energy security and independence from fossil fuel imports.

The workshop aimed to highlight challenges and opportunities for hydrogen adoption in islands. Three islands presented best practices, showcasing different levels of advancement in hydrogen deployment. The discussions focused on roadmaps, project planning, funding, and implementation strategies.