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18 April 2024

EU Initiative Invites Energy Communities to Spearhead Citizen-Led Renovation Efforts

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The support service for Citizen-led Renovation (CLR) is part of the EU's commitment to empowering communities to play an active role in sustainable energy transitions.

Citizen-led renovation is more than just a concept; it's a transformative approach to addressing energy efficiency and sustainability challenges at the grassroots level. With funding from the EU, the CLR support service aims to empower established and prospective energy communities to initiate, implement, and replicate energy renovation projects in buildings across their communities.

What the Initiative Offers:

The CLR support service provides comprehensive assistance to participating island communities, offering guidance in various aspects of project development and implementation. This includes:

  • Co-developing project pipelines and investment plans tailored to the community's needs.
  • Providing support in navigating administrative procedures and securing necessary approvals.
  • Assisting in project management and technical design preparation, ensuring quality and efficiency.
  • Facilitating communication strategies and citizen engagement activities to foster community involvement.
  • Promoting mutual learning and collaboration among participating communities, fostering knowledge exchange and best practices sharing.
  • Establishing a multi-stakeholder exchange platform to facilitate networking and collaboration opportunities.


Pathways for Applicants:

Island communities interested in participating in the CLR initiative can choose from three distinct roles based on their level of engagement and readiness:

  1. Pilots: Established energy communities receive comprehensive support in project development, implementation, and replication.
  2. Learners: Emerging energy communities or those in the planning phase are guided in developing their capacity for initiating and managing renovation projects.
  3. Followers: Communities, citizen groups, local authorities, NGOs, and others interested in exploring citizen-led renovation concepts receive insights, learning materials, and networking opportunities to prepare for future implementation.

Requirements and Application Process:

Participating communities are required to sign a collaboration agreement committing to sharing information, allocating resources, mobilising citizens, hosting engagement events, and demonstrating replication potential of initiatives. The application process involves filling out an application form and engaging with CLR representatives to discuss potential collaboration opportunities.

The call for participation in the CLR Phase II initiative is open to 31 May 2024. Interested island communities are encouraged to reach out to CLR representatives for more information and assistance in the application process.


Further Assistance and Webinars:

To provide further insights and assistance to interested island communities, two supporting webinars are scheduled:

  • 23 April, 16-17 CEST: Zoom meeting registration available.
  • 14 May, 16-17 CEST: Zoom meeting registration available.

For inquiries and application assistance, communities can contact CLR representatives at

The CLR initiative presents a unique opportunity for islands and other energy communities to lead the way in sustainable energy transitions, contributing to the EU's broader objectives of achieving carbon neutrality and fostering community resilience. Through active citizen engagement and collaboration, these communities can pave the path towards a more sustainable and resilient future.