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Clean energy for EU islands
30 June 2020

Energy efficiency in the South Aegean Region, Greece

This project implements energy efficiency measures in the regional and municipal street lighting network, as well as energy efficiency retrofits in public buildings owned by the South Aegean Region. Street lighting will be implemented through PPP schemes, where public infrastructure projects will be co-founded by private capital. Project financing can also be combined with European Structural and Investment Funds under the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) in order to finance activities related to pole replacement and electric system upgrade. For energy efficiency investments in public buildings, six hospitals on different islands were chosen (Kos, Kalymnos, Leros, Rhodes, Syros and Naxos). Financing based on the energy performance is ensured by NSRF 2014-2020 and private investors. The project is expected to benefit most of the inhabited islands included in the Region: Andros; Kalymnos; Karpathos; Kea-Kythnos; Kos; Milos; Mikonos; Naxos; Paros; Rhodes; Siros; Thira; Tinos.

Island specifics

AREA: 5,285.99 km2

NO. OF CONSUMERS: 309,015 regular inhabitants (over 1 mio. tourists per year) 

GRID: partially connected

PROJECT: Improving Energy Efficiency in the South Aegean Region


FUNDS: ELENA (technical assistance), Regional Operational Programme NSRF 2014-2020, PPPs and ESCOs (investment)

Project specifics

  • Energy efficiency in street lighting project will be implemented through the PPP approach
  • A Special Purpose Entity will be established through a public tendering process
  • Two proposals will be submitted to the PPP Unit – one for the Regional street lighting network and one for the Municipal street lighting network
  • Fourteen PPP contracts to be signed, one with the Region and one with each participating Municipality-Island
  • Preparation of the necessary studies and the implementation of the projects
  • Maintenance and operation of the energy efficiency technologies

More information on the project