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18 September 2023

The Covenant of Companies: A Growing Community of Environmentally-Conscious Businesses across the European Union

Covenant of Companies

The European Covenant of Companies for Climate and Energy (CCCE) movement is growing! More and more companies from several EU member states are joining by making a pledge and committing to taking climate action to reduce their carbon emissions. 

In return, the Covenant offers them – free of charge – the knowledge and support they need to carry out these measures with a suite of advisory services to help prepare for a net zero future, including:

  • ⚙️ Practical, step-by-step guidance and technical assistance
  • 💸 Advice on energy-saving costs
  • 📉 Measurement of their carbon footprint
  • ⚡ Support to boost their sustainability measures

The Covenant’s guidance helps companies define and implement emissions reduction goals that are manageable, attainable and aligned with their ambition.

Applicants will also be recognised for taking climate action and awarded a Bronze, Silver, or Gold Seal of Approval, depending on the magnitude of their efforts.

Companies of all sizes, from all sectors and from all EU member states are eligible to make a pledge with the Covenant. Technical Assistance will be available in English, Dutch, French, German, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian and Spanish.

So, what are you waiting for to sign up for the Covenant of Companies and join this growing community of environmentally-conscious businesses across the European Union?

Click here to pledge and commit! 

For more information, please visit or follow #CovenantOfCompanies on social media.