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14 March 2024

Coming soon - Citizen-led renovation Open Call

Citizen led renovation

Get ready to make a difference in your community's energy future! Phase II of the Citizen-led renovation (CLR) support service launched and will soon publish an Open Call offering you the chance to apply for technical assistance and join their network of experts.

About the CLR Support Service: CLR is at the forefront of citizen involvement in energy transitions, merging building renovations with renewable energy solutions. Our program empowers communities like yours to lead impactful energy projects, supported by expert guidance and community engagement.

What's new in Phase II: Building upon their successful first phase, Phase II expands to include even more participants across three pathways in their Open Call: Pilots, Learners, and Followers. No matter your community's stage or size, there's valuable support and a network waiting for you.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Join the CLR Network: Dive into a world of resources, workshops, and webinars designed to elevate your energy projects. Connect with a vibrant community of enthusiasts and experts, sharing knowledge and experiences.
  2. Explore the Upcoming Call for Applications: Be on the lookout for our upcoming call for applications. Whether you're ready to lead as a Pilot, grow as a Learner, or engage as a Follower, there's a pathway for you.

Join their network: The CLR network comprises ambitious energy communities across the EU, ready to share insights and guide others on their sustainable energy journey. Tap into collaborative strength, gain exposure, and connect with policymakers.

Who should join: Established and emerging energy communities across the EU are invited to engage in Phase II. Let's catalyse community-driven energy renovations and renewable energy projects together!

Stay tuned for the official launch of the Open Call!