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As well as mitigating the causes of climate change, energy agencies are also working to help communities adapt to its effects. The Cyprus Energy Agency is carrying out innovative adaptation solutions across the country.

The state of the climate crisis demands that energy agencies work not only to mitigate its causes, but also to adapt to its effects. Climate adaptation means taking action to reduce the burden of climate change effects, both present and prospective. These actions can consist of environmental, sociological, or economic adaptations. These take place on all levels. Islands, being particularly vulnerable to climate change, must also work particularly hard to adjust. 

To get a sense of the various manners in which islands respond to climate change, we spoke with the Cyprus Energy Agency (CEA), to find out what they are doing to help citizens in the east Mediterranean respond to – and prepare for – an ever-changing climate.

Read on to discover some of the CEA’s climate adaptation projects. Climate adaptation in Cyprus - Fedarene