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Clean energy for EU islands
14 June 2023

Call for best practices from EU local and regional authorities


Showcase the achievements of your city or region and inspire others to create thriving, healthy and sustainable community

The objective of the European Green Deal is to achieve climate neutrality in Europe by 2050. This ambitious goal is being pursued through the implementation of policies and regulations that are reshaping various aspects of our lives, including how we live, consume, travel, work, and produce energy. European cities and regions are at the forefront of driving innovative solutions to combat climate change, pollution, and the biodiversity crisis. By adopting and sharing best practices, local and regional authorities play a significant role in bringing about meaningful change and shaping a better future for our communities.

You are encouraged to contribute to this collective effort by sharing the successful initiatives and best practices from your city or region. To do so, please complete the provided form. Your contributions will be highlighted and promoted by EU institutions and stakeholders, appearing on the #EUGreenDeal map and social media channels. This will showcase the crucial role played by local and regional authorities in implementing the Green Deal.

You are invited to share your recent achievements or ongoing initiatives in the following areas:

  • Climate adaptation
  • Climate mitigation
  • Circular economy
  • Energy matters, including energy efficiency, energy poverty, or renewable energy
  • Sustainable and clean mobility
  • Zero pollution
  • Reforestation, biodiversity, and urban greening
  • Green budgets
  • Developing skills for the green transition

Please note that the deadline for submitting your contribution is June 30, 2023. If there are any questions regarding the survey, feel free to contact the Green Deal team at