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Clean energy for EU islands

Green Hydrogen Technologies Supporting the Energy Transition: Matching Uses with Context

Hysland workshop

In this first Green Hysland workshop, like-minded European projects and partners are invited in order to show participants how green hydrogen can increase the penetration of renewable energy in a specific region, demonstrating sector coupling and sectorial integration, and moving towards full decarbonization of the economy.

As the workshop will take place in a hybrid format on the island of Cres, Croatia and online, you will also hear from a series of Croatian hydrogen experts who have been implementing this technology in different contexts and for different uses – transportation, industry, waste management, fuel cell applications, etc. – in order to give you a complete overview of the possibilities offered by green hydrogen.

The first workshop of the Green Hysland project will take place in a Hybrid format in Cres, Croatia and online on 26 April. The event is co-organised by FEDARENE and REA Kvarner.

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