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The Isle of Ulva is located off the west coast of Mull and is approximately 2,000 hectares, 12 km long by 4km wide. The island has been inhabited for over 7,000 years but has suffered a significant population decline since the 1800s, currently standing at 11 residents. Ulva is in an unusual position for a Scottish island as there is an expectation that the island population will grow significantly in the short to medium term, with an aim to reach a population of 50 within the next 20 years. In June 2018 with support from the Scottish Land Fund, the Macquarie Group, a crowd-funding appeal and local fundraising, Ulva was successfully purchased by the local community using the provisions of Scotland’s Community Right to Buy legislation. 

There are several ongoing projects on Ulva, including investment in an electrified vehicle fleet, development of 7 plots for new housing, redevelopment of the jetty to support local fishing, the investigation of a barge or new ferry, and assessment of regenerative farming/land management options. The existing stone-built housing stock has been extensively refurbished and the 6 houses are now fully insulated, double glazed and heated using air source heat pumps. From an energy and carbon emissions perspective, the aim is therefore not to decarbonise (as carbon emissions are relatively low at present) but to set out ambitions, targets, and principles to guide sustainable and low carbon local development. 


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