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Clean energy for EU islands

Learn more about the Islands secretariat Technical Assistance: Relevant examples from Round 1 and announcement of Round 2


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This webinar explained how the Clean energy for EU islands secretariat provides technical support to help island communities advance in their energy transition. Inspiring and concrete results were provided from the first round of technical assistance, for example: road transport electrification in Greek islands, funding and financing seminars tailored to energy projects.

In the second part of the webinar, all the details of the new call were provided. Finally, participants had the chance to ask questions e.g. about the call, the application process, and whether their projects were eligible. 

All the details of the application process, eligibility, and evaluation are included in our Guide for Applicants. To participate in the second call for technical assistance, islands were first invited to use a self-assessment tool to refine the type of support they needed and then apply by filling out an online form that included a description of the requested support services, the expected impact of the project and the stakeholder team that was taking responsibility.

Islands were welcome to submit questions regarding the provided support and the application process to In addition, the secretariat's regional partners were available to explain the application process to the island stakeholders in their local language.

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