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Clean energy for EU islands

Do islands need green hydrogen for their clean energy transition?


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In this webinar, the experience of islands with hydrogen projects was presented. We first heard about Texel's clean energy transition, and how hydrogen was envisaged as a promising solution but ended up posing certain challenges for the implementation.

We also heard about Orkney's experience with the BIG HIT project, which aims at implementing a fully integrated model of hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilisation for heat, power, and mobility.

Finally, Flexens presented an overview of the hydrogen projects they are involved in on the Åland Islands.


  • Arnold Boon - Project Coordinator H2TX
  • Nigel Holmes - CEO Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association
  • Åsa Hedman, Head of Business Development, Flexens 
  • Moderation: Marina Montero Carrero, Technical Lead Clean energy for EU islands secretariat