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Clean energy for EU islands


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CE4EUIslands forum 2023 - Ambient Video

The EU islands forum in a nutshell (07- 08 June 2023) 95 participants attended the on-site event over the two days at Thule Koda, Saaremaa 121 participants took part in...

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CE4EUislands forum 2023 - Welcome to the Day (2)

By Edita Dranseikaite – Policy officer CE4EUI, European Commission Keynotes and launch of the call for 30 renewable energy islands Kadri Simson - European Commissioner for Energy, European Commission: The...

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Views from the islands 2023

Seven inspiring submissions have reached us from islands across the EU, sharing their remarkable journeys to clean energy. These islands are eager to achieve energy independence through renewable sources, create...

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CE4EUIslands forum 2023 - Welcome Day 1

Welcome by Jan Cornillie – Project director, Clean energy for EU islands secretariat (3E ), stressing the importance of ownership and involvement of local communities in the clean energy transition...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Chalki

The idyllic island of Chalki is making remarkable strides in the realm of clean energy. Situated in the Aegean Sea, Chalki has embraced renewable energy sources to power its community...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Mallorca & Tenerife

The stunning islands of Mallorca and Tenerife are leading the way in clean energy innovation. With their abundant natural resources and commitment to sustainability, the islands have become a hub...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Aran Islands

The Aran Islands, located off the west coast of Ireland, serve as a shining example of the clean energy transition. With a deep commitment to sustainability, these picturesque islands have...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - La Graciosa

La Graciosa, a beautiful island situated in the Canary Islands archipelago, has emerged as a pioneer in clean energy adoption. With its commitment to sustainability and environment as the largest...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Kythnos

The enchanting island of Kythnos, nestled in the Aegean Sea, is paving the way for clean energy integration. With its commitment to sustainability and renewable energy, Kythnos has become a...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Astypalea

The captivating island of Astypalea, located in the Aegean Sea, has become a frontrunner in clean energy transformation. Astypalea is revolutionising the public transport system with electric on-demand busses. With...

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CE4EUIslands Call for Videos - Unije

INSULAE project aims to develop new innovative solutions for decarbonising European islands, which is crucial for achieving climate and energy goals, as well as for improving the quality of life...