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Clean energy for EU islands


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Menorca's second energy transition

Menorca just published its guidelines for decarbonising the island's energy system, based on a comprehensive vision of Menorca's energy sources, infrastructure and usage, with the aim of drastically reducing GHG emissions.

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The Energy Office Menorca 2030 is now open to all citizens

The office is an open service for individuals, companies, entities and public administrations, which offers assistance in improving energy efficiency and implementing renewable energies and sustainable mobility, accessing existing aid lines, as well as dissemination support and training in energy matters.

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Secretariat publishes good practices catalogue

The Clean Energy for EU Islands Secretariat has just published a catalogue of good practices from islands across the EU who have been pioneering the energy transition for more than 20 years, and are today providing an impressive range of inspiring projects for other islands as well as for mainland communities.

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25 islands selected for project-specific support

The EU Islands Secretariat will support 25 islands to advance the technical and financial planning for their clean energy projects over the coming months. The islands selected include...

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Menorca joins Covenant of Mayors

The island of Menorca recently became a signatory to the Covenant of Mayors, an initiative that commits thousands of local governments around the world to take on a common climate and energy agenda.

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Menorca publishes its 2030 energy transition roadmap

Among the 26 islands and archipelagos selected by the European Commission for the Clean Energy for EU Islands Initiative, Menorca was the first to publish its energy transition roadmap earlier this week: the Menorca 2030 Strategy.