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Clean energy for EU islands

Session ACT - Clean energy for EU islands forum 2021


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Technology session: technologies for clean energy transition on the islands.

Moderation: João Peças Lopes - Professor at the Faculty of Engineering of Porto University, Director/Member of the board at INESC TEC

● Carlos Moreira - Senior Researcher / Centre for Power and Energy Systems, INESC TEC & FEUP - Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto (click here for the slides)

● Eckard Quitmann - Head of Grid Integration dept., Enercon (click here for the slides)

● Alberto Jorge Bernardo - Director - Smart Power Business Development, Efacec Energia (click here for the slides)

 Maria Jaen Caparros - Hydrogen Innovation Coordinator, ENAGAS

● Gabriele Rampinelli - Partner, Exowave Aps